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Leeds Wellbeing Week 2022


For this edition of Leeds Wellbeing Week, we will focus on (Dis)connecting. And there is a lot to say about this in the first place!


Disconnecting from devices, disconnecting from our mental chatter and the negative bias of our brains, disconnecting from pressure and worries... in order to connect with other people, connect with yourself, and connect with your environment. And so much more too!

We cooked for you a wonderful programme of events, virtual and physical ones, online from the comfort of your home or in beautiful venues in Leeds. And we do all this to support you to put wellbeing on your to-do list, day after day. 

Get ready for this edition and have a look at all our events here!

All Week Long

Monday 21st  March

Tuesday 22nd March

Wednesday 23rd March

Thursday 24th March