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The main challenge we faced with the past editions was accessibility:

how can we make sure that everyone in Leeds (and elsewhere!) can take part in Leeds Wellbeing Week in some way? 


Hence the following resources, accessible to everybody and available all year long, just for you.


You can take part at any point, start anytime, in the comfort of your own house or your own workplace, or out in the streets of Leeds! 

Your Wellbeing Challenge

We designed a series of wellbeing activities, one per day for 7 days, that you can try at home or around home. We guarantee that they will help you to remain positive in these challenging times! 

Who knows, you might even like one of the activities and make it a new positive habits?! 

Give it a try, it is really simple: download the Week of Wellbeing booklet, save it on your computer or print it out, and do one wellbeing activity a day!

We will be sending a series of emails during Leeds Wellbeing Week 2022, yet you're more than welcome to do the challenge all year round! 

Download 'My Wellbeing Week' Booklet

Click here to download

Your Walking Tour

For the last edition, in Spring 2020 (Covid got in the way for 2021 for us too!), we had planned some exciting walking tours in partnership with Street Wisdom, exhibitions in partnership with Leeds Art Gallery,  a coloring wall at Leeds Corn Exchange... yet the 'real' Leeds Wellbeing Week had to be postponed because of the Covid pandemic.



Wait for it though, these experiences are now back in Leeds in 2022!

Download our walking tour map, and take a stroll in Leeds city centre in your own time, at your own pace, whenever you want, during Leeds Wellbeing Week, and all year round! 


We would love to hear about your experience, remember to use #mywellbeingweek #leedswellbeingweek when sharing on our Social Media channels! 

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