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Next edition Spring 2021


Leeds Wellbeing Week is a yearly Wellbeing Festival running since 2017... in Leeds!


Our overall goal is to change the way wellbeing is perceived: it is not (necessarily!) about doing yoga and meditating daily, there is so much more!


We want to make wellbeing initiatives visible, affordable and accessible in Leeds, and to get Leeds citizens to try new things and have fun.

And we do it in 2 different ways: in the workplace through corporate events and in the public space through a series of wellbeing events across the city! 

Next edition Spring 2021

Next edition Spring 2021

Sunshine Leeds Wellbeing Week

Partnering with Leeds Wellbeing Week

Leeds Wellbeing Week brought more than 100 wellbeing events your way in the past few years year! 100! All in Leeds and all at affordable prices. And we did that thanks to wonderful partners! 

Physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, emotional wellbeing... There was and always will be something for everyone! 


We want to give Leeds citizens the opportunity to experience the broad range of wellbeing activities available to them in Leeds, try new things, and have fun!

If you run regular activities or workshops in Leeds, please get in touch, we would love to partner with you! You can have a look at the past editions here, or get in touch with us directly if you want to take part in the next one in 2021!

We are SO looking forward to meeting you before and during the festival, and all year long! 

Next edition Spring 2021


Getting webinars & workshops at work

Leeds Wellbeing Week aims to bring together wellbeing experts and employees in the workplace.

Experts in wellbeing (stress management, resilience, mindfulness, physical health, mental health... and so much more!) are available to provide workshops to your company in Leeds at breakfast and lunchtime for a few days during Leeds Wellbeing Week!


Each company can get various sessions in physical wellbeing, mental/emotional wellbeing, and/or social wellbeing. Mind It Ltd, the Leeds-based company behind Leeds Wellbeing Week, is happy to accommodate your needs the best way possible.


Are you a company in Leeds, willing to experience the benefits of wellbeing in your workplace?

Give it a try during Leeds Wellbeing Week and all year round! This is the best way to test, launch, or continue your Health and Wellbeing strategy!

Show your employees that you care, we'll take care of the rest!

Next edition Spring 2021

Sprinkles Leeds Wellbeing Week

Happiness Vibes

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Our Partners

Do you also want to be a happy partner ? 


We can’t wait to build a happier Leeds with you!

Next edition Spring 2021



Mind It Ltd created 

Leeds Wellbeing Week


Mind It Ltd makes corporate wellbeing easy!


Mind It Ltd helps organisations in Yorkshire to design bespoke wellbeing programs AND to implement them via a strong network of local wellbeing experts.


Mind It Ltd created and now curates Leeds Wellbeing Week to bring all the positive impacts achieved in the workplace into the public space, every year! 


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