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First event of 2024 announced

Festival of Wellbeing @ Work

Festival of Wellbeing _ Work 2024 - Invite.png
Festival of Wellbeing _ Work 2024 - Workshops.png

In 2024, Leeds Wellbeing Week is evolving

From a week full of wellbeing events, we have decided to run several events throughout the year focusing on specific themes and audiences. For us, it is the opportunity to gather all things wellbeing, to share about them, to support initiatives, and to create relevant wellbeing events in partnership with other organisations and actors, as always. 

So bear with us! We will be announcing our plans very soon, and we would love for you to get involved! Expect events around Wellbeing at Work, Wellbeing for Entrepreneurs, Wellbeing for Women, Wellbeing for... YOU!

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